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The NPTA National Rodent Survey 2010/2011

NPTA National Rodent Survey Report 2010_2011The latest annual survey results confirm our serious concern that Government austerity measures are compromising the country’s ability to keep on top of rodent infestations, even before the full effect of local authority economies has been felt.

More and more local authorities are discontinuing their professional rodent control services and those that continue to provide them are increasingly levying charges for what was previously regarded as an essential environmental health service.

The effect of these changes is clear for all to see in a continued decline in local authority rat treatment levels, in particular, to a far greater extent than justified by any changes in actual rodent populations.

Together with progressively less rodent control co-operation between premises and little, if any, sewer baiting, this position leaves a surge in serious rodent problems almost inevitable in the coming decade.

Read our report and press release below.

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NPTA National Rodent Survey Report 2010_2011 NPTA National Rodent Survey Report 2010_2011NPTA National Rodent Survey Report 2008_9 - Press Release  
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