Mandatory Registration as a “Trained Professional User”

The minimum industry requirements for registration as a trained Professional User (PMU) came into force on the  1st July 2018 Any application received by the DAFM after this date will only be authorised for pest controllers who have completed an Ofqual Level 3 course in pest management. Details about the main course going forward and trainers for this course can be found on the Lantra website:  “Level 3 Award in Pest Management Services – Trained Professional User” More information about the licensing of Pest Control Operators (PCOs) can be found on the PRCD website: Requirements for Registration as a Pest Management Trained Professional User

New entrants to the pest control industry

New entrants can receive a conditional PMU number for a 9 month period of grace to allow time for on the job training and completion of Ofqual Level 3 training in pest management. The trainee can only carry out repeat visits; they cannot conduct site assessments until registered as a full PMU. Detailed rules and record keeping requirements can be found on PRCD website: Registration as a Trainee PMU

Checking the current PMU Register

The register of Pest Management Trained Professional Users (PMU) is now available on the PRCD website. The register confirms that the listed pest control technicians have completed training to the required level. A PMU number is required to purchase and use anticoagulant rodenticides as a trained professional user. You can Check the Register HERE.

Staying on the PMU register

To maintain a place on the register, PMU’s must partake in a Continuous Professional Education/Development (CPE / CPD) scheme recognised by PRCD. In the event of failing to maintain CPD, the individual will have his/her name removed from the PRCD register. The 2 only recognised CPD schemes at present are:

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