Effective Report Writing

The ability to write an effective treatment report is the cornerstone when carrying out a pest control inspection. When you leave site, this is the only way that you can communicate your findings and recommendations to the client and potentially to enforcement and auditing bodies.

In these days of ever-changing requirements and increased litigation, the need to fully report what is found/used; what recommendations you deem appropriate etc is increasingly important.

Should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of facing legal proceedings, a mental note of actions undertaken, is not worth the paper it isn’t written on!

This virtual interactive course will ensure that you fully understand the core elements required to write an effective report and combines synergies with product labelling. We will also be discussing the minimum requirements that need to be included in a pest control site folder to operate effectively.

Course Duration: approx. 3 Hours

CPD Points: 6

This course is FREE for members of the NPTA and a small fee is applied for non-members.

Places are limited to 15 to allow for interaction.