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Course Description

Rodents make up the vast majority of a pest control business’s day to day work, but when it goes wrong it can cost you both financially and in terms of your reputation. Often we get blinded by the way we have been taught, but this course is designed to make you question whether what you learned is always the correct way to approach a problem.

Rodents are highly adaptable, intelligent social animals. Failure to adapt our practices and stick with old tried and tested methods of control will inevitably lead to treatment failure. Added to that we need to factor in the growing problems of genetic and behavioural resistance, as well as an increasing issue of cereal intolerance in house mice, affecting many of the traditional baits we use.

This course is designed to challenge conventional thinking and make you re-evaluate the way you approach rodent problems, whilst still using the tools we have at our disposal.

If you want to change and adapt to the way rodents behave today, then this course is for you.

In brief, areas covered on the course are as follows:
• Practical exercises depicting rodent issues
• Resistance both genetic and behavioural
• Drainage and the link to rat activity
• Understanding rodent behaviour and what traits enable us to exploit it for control
• Survey techniques
• Tools for identifying activity and trends
• Understanding how to control and what to do when it all goes wrong