Upcoming SOFHT Events: July – October 2022

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*Online Course*

7th July 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy – Internal Audit

This one-day course is designed to ensure that attendees gain an understanding of the skills and techniques required to get the most out of internal auditing.

Who should attend?

The course will suit current internal auditors seeking to enhance their knowledge, anybody wishing to become an internal auditor and those with responsibility for managing internal audit programmes.

Course Content:

The course covers the entire process of internal auditing. From the use of risk assessment to determine audit plans, to developing templates and audit scopes to ensure thoroughness and consistency through to the completion of effective audits and the management of corrective actions. Workshops are run throughout the day to support the learning process. Successful completion of the short exam at the end of the course will lead to certification.



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*Online Course*

14th July 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Food Safety Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a key tool in the development of HACCP, TACCP and VACCP plans, and risk assessment principles can be widely applied when developing food safety procedure. This course provides practical guidance on techniques which can easily be adopted into your business to be used by staff at all levels with effective results.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anybody participating in HACCP and other teams and those who are involved in developing systems and procedures.

Course Content:

The course is designed as a practical workshop which will take delegates through the process from initial theory to the development of practical examples and scenarios to develop the required skills to identify the essential areas of focus.



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*Online Course*

15th July 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety – Refresher

This one-day bespoke course will provide learners with an update in HACCP based procedures and the threats and vulnerabilities to their food business.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for those who have successfully completed the Level 4 Advanced Food Safety qualification and would like an update on the changes to legislation in food safety management and future developments.

Course Content:

The course will cover food safety management systems and due diligence with lessons learned from recent court cases; the managing of allergen hazards and the Food Information (Amendment) Regulations 2019 known as Natasha’s Law for PPDS; the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and how to achieve 5 stars for your business and calorie labelling on menus with future developments proposed in this area.



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*Online Course*

11th August 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

HACCP for Management – Refresher

This comprehensive one-day course is suitable for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge about the development, implementation and management of an effective HACCP system. The course content revisits PRPs and the 12 steps of HACCP with a particular focus on recent changes to Codex Alimentarius guidance for the General Principles of Food Hygiene. Candidates also receive the latest Highfield Publications HACCP textbook written by Professor Carol Wallace.

Who should attend?

Suitable for those who have previously completed the Level 4 Award in HACCP for Management or have an advanced qualification that are seeking to update their understanding.

Course Content:

  • Management commitment and food safety culture
  • Prerequisite programmes
  • Allergen management for food business operators (Codex 2020)
  • HACCP terminology (Codex 2020 updates)
  • The 12 steps of HACCP (Codex 2020 updates)
  • The role and responsibilities of the HACCP team
  • Hazard analysis and justifications for outcomes
  • Validation approaches
  • Validation of the HACCP plan



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*Online Course*

13th September 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Traceability Systems

In an ever-changing world where consumers expect and demand that they and the company providing the food knows where it has come from, traceability is of paramount importance. The view that one step forward and one step back traceability is sufficient is dated. It is crucial to be able to conduct mass balance traceability and fully understand the requirements of the system. Do you know at a touch of a button just where every raw material or product including packaging came from and when?

This one-day course will provide the background and overview for the EU legal requirements for traceability. It will also look at the range of systems and methods to manage traceability in the industry and define the scope of an effective traceability system for all elements of the supply chain. The course will also look at mass balance traceability and the requirements of the system as well as testing and challenging of all processes. In addition, the course will look at product recall processes and the link with traceability.

Who should attend?
This is suitable for Technical Directors or Managers, Consultants, Quality Managers, NPD Managers, Food Technologists, Regulatory Compliance Officers and Specification Technologists.

Course Content
The course will provide information on:

  • UK/EU legal requirements for traceability
  • Traceability requirements
  • National/ International Standards
  • The scope of an effective traceability system
  • An overview of the types of traceability systems available
  • Logical steps to deliver an effective traceability system
  • Defining the requirements of mass balance traceability
  • Ensuring procurement of effective and relevant supplier information
  • Establishing traceability and recall tests
  • Defining effective recall systems in the event of an incident



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*Classroom Session*

20th September 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management in Catering

This one-day accredited course is supported by Allergy UK, which regards it as suitable staff training for catering outlets that wish to apply for its Allergy Aware Scheme. It will provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding relating to the control of food ingredients including allergens, at all stages of food purchase and production.

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at individuals responsible for the purchase, delivery, production and serving of food in the catering industry and those who own/manage a small catering business.

Course content

  • The role of Managers in ensuring that food ingredients and allergens are effectively managed to prevent cross contamination on the premises.
  • Effective communication and training of staff.
  • 14 major serious allergens and their substitution in recipes.
  • Risk management including allergen audits compared to food safety audits.
  • Good practice including the reporting of incidents and near misses.
  • Physiology of an anaphylactic reaction, how it differs from food intolerances and auto-immune conditions.
  • New labelling legislation and changes to pre-packed foods for direct sale (PPDS).
  • Unique selling point of benefits to the business of providing for the free-from customer.

This qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice question paper.



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27th September 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Pesticides in the Food Industry – *Online Session*

The responsible use of pesticides has helped to ensure that there is a plentiful supply of high quality fresh produce, cereals and food ingredients. But with thousands of pesticides available for use worldwide and continuing public concern over residues in food, it is important that those working in food supply chain companies have a good understanding of the issues that surround pesticide use, the benefits that they offer, techniques to minimise residues, legislation and consumer risk assessment.

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at technical and quality managers and their staff responsible for the safety and integrity of fresh produce and food ingredients.

  • Course content
    Pesticides – what are the, why are they used?
  • Legislation governing the control of pesticides.
  • How to reduce the risk of maximum residue level (MRL) exceedances.
  • Supply chain controls and managing retailer requirements.
  • Consumer Risk Assessment and due diligence sample planning.
  • National and international residue surveillance and enforcement.
  • Latest developments in residue analysis.



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6th October 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Managing your Pest Control Contract – *Online Session*

Pest management is essential in any environment where food or food- grade packaging is manufactured or stored. This service is almost invariably contracted out to a specialist company, so effective management of the contractor is essential if the relationship is to work effectively. This one-day course will provide the information and advice necessary to implement and manage the contract successfully.

Who should attend?

Those working in the food and food-grade packaging industry, hospitality, local authority and environmental health who are involved in managing pest control contracts.

Course Content:

  • The course will provide information on:
  • What pests and why
  • Understanding pesticide legislation
  • Why have a contract
  • The legal implications of using a contractor
  • Setting your own objectives
  • Understanding the contractor’s objectives
  • Establishing the specification selecting the contractor and monitoring performance



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7th October 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Leading & Managing a Positive Food Safety Culture – *Online Session*

Building a business culture that supports a strong food safety ethic and behaviour is becoming more and more important. It is simply not enough to train your food handlers in prerequisite programmes and HACCP plans. The right culture needs to be embedded throughout the business and be led from the top. This course takes a step-by-step approach in how you can develop and maintain a positive food safety culture that delivers safe food to your customers and looks after your brand. Content is particularly useful in providing key knowledge in achieving new and additional requirements within the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8. These include food safety culture (clause: 1.1.2) and management review (1.1.4).

Who should attend?

This course is intended for food safety professionals and leaders in businesses where food safety is paramount. It applies to all sectors including small independent food manufacturers and retailers, hospitality and food manufacturing.

Course Content:

  • The course will provide information on:
  • Introduction to food safety culture
  • Factors influencing a food safety culture
  • The role of leadership and management
  • Components of a food safety culture
  • How to assess an existing food safety culture
  • Developing and promoting a positive food safety culture
  • How to create a clear plan for continual success.



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11th October 2022 – SOFHT Members Forum

The World After Covid – *Online session*

*SOFHT Members only*

Exploring how the Covid 19 pandemic has led to permanent changes to both the food industry and society.

Come and join us for an engaging discussion about the world of food safety post Covid-19.

Led by Craig Adams, Client Technical Director, NSF International



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13TH October 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Listeria Management & Control – *Online Session*

This course will examine the practical identification, management and control of Listeria species in a food, dairy or beverage processing environment. Using case studies, we will examine the root cause of several notable outbreaks/ incidents and discuss the actions that could have been taken to prevent the issues.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for Hygiene Managers and Supervisors, Technical personnel involved in microbiological control, auditors and anyone concerned with the control of this key pathogen.

Course Content:

The course is particularly suitable for non-microbiologists as the technical issues and terms will be clearly explained and placed into a context that is easily understood.

The key learning outcomes of this course are that the delegate is equipped with the knowledge to:

  • Identify key sources and reservoirs of Listeria species.
  • Understand, interpret and select the results of suitable test methods for Listeria.
  • Deploy practical control measures to minimise the risks of product contamination.

In addition, the role of cleaning and disinfection regimes and the training/awareness that can assist in establishing control, will be addressed.



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20th October 2022 – SOFHT Training Academy

Effective Management of Cleaning and Hygiene *Classroom Session*

This one-day course covers a subject which is key to all food businesses and has been refreshed to reflect current trends in hygiene management including expectations of major retailers and the BRC standards.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to demonstrate how a hygiene management system meets the hygiene requirements of the process (related to control of microbiological contamination, allergen contamination, species authenticity, infestation); demonstrate the common cleaning methods employed; and demonstrate the elements of an effective hygiene management system.

Who should attend?

Relevant to any personnel working in a food production environment. It will be particularly beneficial to those working in Technical or Hygiene roles.

Course Content:

The course will provide information on:

  • Obstacles of maintaining good hygiene standards
  • Effective hygiene management systems
  • Importance of selecting the correct cleaning chemicals and materials
  • Novel cleaning technologies
  • Role of cleaning from the perspective of microbiological concerns, allergen control, species authenticity and pest prevention
  • Systems for validating, verifying, and auditing hygiene standards
  • Effective use of trend analysis and KPI targets



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