Upcoming SOFHT Events: September – November 2021

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September & October – HACCP Level 4 Fast Track Training – SOFHT Training Academy *Online Course*


The Level 4 Award in HACCP for Management (CODEX Principles) (RQF) is aimed at learners who are working at management level within food manufacturing and catering environments, quality assurance staff or members of the HACCP team. This qualification would also be useful for trainers, auditors, enforcers and other food safety professionals. The objective of the qualification is to provide learners with the knowledge needed to develop, implement and evaluate  CODEX-based HACCP food safety.

Day 1 – 3rd September

Introduction to HACCP and Food Safety Management Systems

HACCP and Legislation

Food Safety Management Certification Schemes

Management Commitment

Prerequisite Programmes and Operational Prerequisite Programmes

Day 2 – 10th September

The HACCP Team and HACCP Team Leader

Scope and Terms of Reference

Product and Process Description

Intended Use

Construction and On-site Confirmation of the Process

Flow Diagram

The CODEX 3 stages of Hazard Analysis

Day 3 – 17th September

Critical Control Points

Operational and Critical Limits


Corrective Actions


Day 4 – 24th  September

Validation versus Validation

HACCP Documentation and Records


Maintenance of the HACCP System

Day 5 – 1st  October


Discussion and Review

Written Examination


9 & 16 September 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Environmental Management Training for Food Manufacturers *Online Course*


IEMA is the foremost membership body for more than 15,000 environment and sustainability professionals worldwide.

This certified two-day course has been developed by subject matter experts to support supervisors and managers working in any sector including food manufacturing, retail and catering. Candidates will gain essential knowledge and skill in how to assess and improve environmental sustainability within their own department and team. Key topics include the following:

Day One

  • Risks and opportunities from environmental sustainability.
  • Laws and other compliance obligations.
  • Key environmental sustainability issues.
  • Improving environmental sustainability performance.

Day Two

  • Drivers for change and barriers.
  • Using data for performance improvement.
  • Environmental sustainability across the value chain.
  • Improving resource efficiency.
  • Employees and sustainability performance.


The candidate must complete 20 online multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes. An IEMA accredited certificate is presented upon successful completion of the examination.

This course is delivered remotely by live webinars, online quizzes and short written questions.

Assessment fee @ £20 + VAT.



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14 September 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Traceability Systems

SOFHT Office, The Long Barn, Hurley Hall Barns, Atherstone Lane, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HT


In an ever changing world where consumers expect and demand that they and the company providing the food knows where it has come from, traceability is of paramount importance. The view that one step forward and one step back traceability is sufficient is dated. It is crucial to be able to conduct mass balance traceability and fully understand the requirements of the system. Do you know at a touch of a button just where every raw material or product including packaging came from and when?

The course will provide an understanding of the following areas: UK/EU legal requirements for traceability; Traceability requirements: National/International Standard; The scope of an effective traceability system; An overview of the types of traceability systems available; Logical steps to deliver an effective traceability system; Defining the requirements of mass balance traceability; Ensuring procurement of effective and relevant supplier information; Establishing traceability and recall tests; and Defining effective recall systems in the event of an incident.

Who should attend:
This is suitable for technical directors or managers, consultants, quality managers, NPD managers, food technologists, regulatory compliance officers and specification technologists.

Course content:
This course will provide the background and overview for the EU legal requirements for traceability. It will also look at the range of systems and methods to manage traceability in the industry and define the scope of an effective traceability system for all elements of the supply chain. The course will also look at mass balance traceability and the requirements of the system as well as testing and challenging of all processes. In addition, the course will look at product recall processes and the link with traceability.



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23 September 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Level 3 Food Allergen Management in Catering

SOFHT Office, The Long Barn, Hurley Hall Barns, Atherstone Lane, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HT


This course is aimed at individuals responsible for the purchase, delivery, production and serving of food in the catering industry and is also suitable for those who own/manage a small catering business.

This qualification is supported by Allergy UK, which regards it as suitable staff training for catering outlets that wish to apply for its Allergy Aware Scheme.

What we will cover:
These include the manager’s role in ensuring that food ingredients and allergens are effectively managed; procedures relating to the communication of ingredient information from supplier to consumer; the importance of implementing controls to prevent contamination from allergenic ingredients; and the methods for managing ingredient controls and procedures.

Assessment Method:
This qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice question paper



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30 September, 8 October & 3 November 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Level 3 Award in Delivering Training – *Online Course*


This practical qualification is suitable for new and experienced trainers who wish to improve their classroom skills and obtain a recognised award in training.


The focus of this three-day course is on the development and delivery of an effective training session makes a difference in the way people think and act in the workplace.


Key Topics

Professional values, behaviours and responsibilities

Equality and diversity in education and training

Common learning preferences

Inclusive teaching and learning approaches

Teaching and learning resources

Motivating and engaging learners

Assessment methods

Giving and receiving feedback

Session plan development cycle

Peer assessment

Reflective practice


Assessment Method

The assessment methods for this course includes the delivery of 20-25 minute micro-teach, and written evidence to support your assessment of peers and reflective practice.



30 September – webinar (9:30am – 3:30pm)

8 October – webinar (9:30am – 3:30pm)

3 November – webinar & assessment (9:00am – 5:00pm)


Price includes course book and assessment fee.



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NEW  5 October 2021 – SOFHT Breakfast Club – Coaching for Performance in Food Manufacturing – *Online Session*


Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise performance, rather than teaching them’ – Tim Gallway, ‘The inner Game’.

The food industry is changing and so are the standards required. In a food manufacturing environment, how do you create a culture where standards are deployed effectively, understood and followed by all, not just in the letter of the requirement, but in the spirit, where doing things the right way is the culture.

The standard is one thing, the system is another, but it is the approach of team leaders, operations managers, functional managers and site leadership teams that develops the culture.

If culture is defined by the behaviours of the group, then coaching in everyday 1-2-1’s and performance meetings can help to ensure the culture, you aspire to have, is the one represented throughout the organisation.

In this session Katherine Thomas will share how this can be done in any organisation, along with examples of the performance benefits it delivers.

Katherine Thomas – Brighter Capability Limited



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7 October 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Managing Your Pest Control Contract

SOFHT Office, The Long Barn, Hurley Hall Barns, Atherstone Lane, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HT


Pest control is essential in any environment where food or food-grade packaging is manufactured or stored. This service is almost invariably contracted out to a specialist company. Effective management of the contractor is essential if the relationship is to work effectively. `Managing Your Pest Control Contract’ training day will provide the information and advice necessary to implement and manage the contract successfully.

Who should attend?
Those working in food, food-grade packaging and pharmaceutical manufacture, hospital and prison management, local authority environmental health.

Course content:
Delegates will be given an overview on what pests and why; understanding pesticide legislation; why have a contract; the legal implications of using a contractor; setting your own objectives; understanding the contractor’s objectives; establishing the specification, selecting the contractor and monitoring performance.



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12 October 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Legionella Awareness – *Online Course*


An introductory course which will enable delegates to understand the potential risks, responsibilities and relevant standards with regard to the management of Legionella.

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at Technical, Health & Safety and SHE Managers, Hygiene Managers and those with an interest in understanding the need of Legionella management.

Course content
This course will enable you to identify the management issues to follow to enable you to recognise and address the risks from this micro-organism covering topics including the following: –

Background and history of Legionella & why it is a problem, types of “at risk” water systems, UK regulations, legislation and guidance, responsibilities, risk assessment, management (including control, cleaning & disinfection etc), record keeping, monitoring through sampling and analysis.

Please note: this is not a course on Legionella risk assessment & system management, rather this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to enable you to decide if you require specialist assistance and what questions to ask of those experts.



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14 October 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Leading & Managing a Positive Food Safety Culture

SOFHT Office, The Long Barn, Hurley Hall Barns, Atherstone Lane, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HT


Building a business culture that supports a strong food safety ethic and behaviour is becoming more and more important. It is simply not enough to train your food handlers in prerequisite programmes and HACCP plans. The right culture needs to be embedded throughout the business and be led from the top.

This course takes a step-by-step approach in how you can develop and maintain a positive food safety culture that delivers safe food to your customers and looks after your brand.

Content is particularly useful in providing key knowledge in achieving new and additional requirements within the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8. These include food safety culture (clause: 1.1.2) and management review (1.1.4).

Who should attend?
This course is intended for food safety professionals and leaders in businesses where food safety is paramount. It applies to all sectors including small independent food manufacturers and retailers, large chains in retail, casual dining and hospitality, and food manufacturing.

Course content:
Introduction to food safety culture; Factors influencing a food safety culture; the role of leadership and management; components of a food safety culture; how to assess an existing food safety culture; developing and promoting a positive food safety culture; and how to create a clear plan for continual success.

Pre-Course Work
You must complete some pre-course work before you attend the webinar. The tasks will help you gain a thorough understanding about the concept of food safety culture, especially different conceptual models and influencing factors.



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21 October 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy  – Effective Management of Cleaning & Hygiene

SOFHT Office, The Long Barn, Hurley Hall Barns, Atherstone Lane, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HT


This course has been refreshed to reflect current trends in hygiene management including expectations of major retailers and the BRC standards.

Who should attend?
This course covers a subject which is key to all food businesses and is relevant to any personnel working in a food production environment. It will be particularly beneficial to those working in technical or hygiene roles.

Course content:
It will consider the obstacles of maintaining good hygiene standards, how these can be overcome and will explore the elements of an effective hygiene management system. The importance of selecting the correct cleaning chemicals and materials with an overview of some novel cleaning technologies. The course will encompass the role of cleaning from the perspective of microbiological concerns, allergen control, species authenticity and pest prevention. Systems for validating, verifying and auditing hygiene standards will be explained along with the options for effective use of trend analysis and KPI targets.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
Demonstrate how a hygiene management system meets the hygiene requirements of the process (related to control of microbiological contamination, allergen contamination, species authenticity, infestation); demonstrate the common cleaning methods employed; and demonstrate the elements of an effective hygiene management system.



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4 November 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists – *Online Course*


This course provides an essential guide to microbiology within the food manufacturing environment and how it can impact on the daily running of a site.

A one-day ‘taster session’ suitable for those requiring basic microbiological knowledge in order to operate safely in food manufacturing.

Course content:
The course will cover an introduction to basic microbiology along with an overview of how a laboratory tests for microbes and what those results mean for you.

The main sources of factory-based bacteria will be examined and guidance will be given on how to minimise those bacterial risks. A profile on food poisoning and a study of the major bacterial groups completes the programme.




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11 November 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Practical Food Labelling & Legislation – *Online Session*


This one-day course will provide an initial understanding of food labelling requirements within the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC), including its application post-Brexit.

This is suitable for technical directors, consultants, quality managers, NPD managers, food technologists, regulatory compliance officers and specification technologists.

Course content:
The course will cover: food labelling law; penalties for food labelling non-compliance; mandatory food information; the effect of product specific legislation and compositional standards; and will include an overview of controls on voluntary information and product claims. These will be illustrated with labelling examples, and, where possible, by practical exercises.




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18 November 2021 – SOFHT Annual Lunch & Awards 2021

The Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD


The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology presents Dame Prue Leith DBE.


If Covid-19 has done any good at all it is to make the public aware of how vital science and technology are, and also how dependent we all are on caterers, producers and processors. If and when we come out of this, those industries will certainly be leaner. But will they be wiser? Will we take the opportunity to get closer to the customer and persuade them that they need to pay a bit more for better food? Sadly many don’t care where their food comes from or how it is treated as long as it’s cheaper than last week.

For food to do us no harm, is not enough. It needs to do us good, be healthy and delicious. Of course not all technology is bad, but the race to the bottom on price leads to factories buying the cheapest chicken, pelleted like kibble for cats, in single frozen portions to be reconstituted in a tomato sauce that’s never seen a tomato, to be sold to a hospital miles away to be ‘regenerated” in a trolley.

Prue will challenge the audience to consider the irony of our love of celebrity chefs on telly while stuffing our faces with cheap junk. Maybe cooking at home for months of lockdown will change that a little.

The biggest disconnect is between policy and reality. By law, all children under 15 must be taught to cook in schools. But only 23% of schools comply. The regulation was passed with no money behind it: not for kitchens, teachers, equipment or inspection. Yet what better way for a child to learn food technology and hygiene than by making supper?


10.00 – Welcome and Coffee
10.45 – Keynote Lecture
11.45 – Open forum
12.00 – Networking Reception
13.00 – 41st Annual Lunch and presentation of the SOFHT Awards hosted by Eddie (the Eagle) Edwards
16.30 – Close




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25 November 2021 – SOFHT Training Academy – Sensory Evaluation

SOFHT Office, The Long Barn, Hurley Hall Barns, Atherstone Lane, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HT


This course will deliver an introduction to the principles of sensory analysis, and will screen delegates for their ability to taste against BS7667 Part 1: ISO 8586. This is a highly experiential, interactive and enjoyable course.

Who should attend?
Technical, production or NPD professionals who would like an introduction to sensory analysis; taste panel members who require screening for their ability to taste and an insight into the basic principles of sensory analysis; businesses wishing to implement a more formal approach to sensory analysis by developing a taste panel team and procedures; and anyone who would like a refresher or insight into this fascinating subject – whether from a production, technical or development background.

Course content:
What sensory analysis is; what senses are involved; what the purpose of sensory evaluation is; how it can be used in food production; the sense of vision and its role in sensory evaluation; how we taste with our eyes; taste – what the primary taste sensations are and what taste is; how taste varies from person to person; screening for ability to taste; aroma and taste – mechanisms and words used to describe aroma; developing an aroma and taste vocabulary; feel and texture – how food behaves in the mouth; and for the last part of the course you will be introduced to some simple taste panel tests.



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