John Davison is one of the four founder members of the NPTA which was set up originally in John’s spare bedroom back in 1993.  He has always been dedicated to the Association giving most of his spare time while still holding down a full time pest control post. Retiring from his senior pest control position for a Leicestershire local authority in 2018, he worked as a technician for over thirty years.

John relinquished his CEO role to the Association in 2019, allowing the reorganisation and introduction of the new COO role to the NPTA.  The creation of this new position is now allowing him and his wife Irene to undertake some renovation work at their home and enjoy a little free time. John is still actively involved on the Board of Directors, he also helps to organise the annual ‘PestTech’ Exhibition, assist on training days and also makes the tea when needed. He will continue to promote both the Association and the UK pest control industry for the foreseeable future.

In 2023, John taken on the role of Chairman for the NPTA Board of Directors.